Rancilio Kryo 65 OD


Technical Features

  • OD on demand version
  • Dose dispensed by start button on keypad or by inserting filter holder
  • 3 programmable doses: single, double, custom
  • Ergonomic, multifunctional user interface
  • Fins in die-cast aluminium
  • High capacity ThermoSteel treated stainless steel mills
  • Micrometric adjustment with anti-accidental rotation lock
  • Hoppers in food-grade polycarbonate
  • Hands-free height-adjustable fork

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KRYO 65 OD on demand version is an instant dosing grinder offering extreme versatility and exibility of use. Fitted with high-capacity 64 mm diameter burrs, KRYO 65 OD ensures that the barista has the right dose of ground coffee instantly, for a quality espresso in less than 2 seconds.

Extreme versatility of KRYO 65 OD is highlighted by its many operating modes.
The KRYO 65 OD can be activated automatically by inserting the filter holder or directly from the keypad, allowing the barista to rapidly customise the desired dose of coffee, both in the “on demand” and automatically mode. The Soft-Touch control panel allows three different doses to be programmed quickly and efficiently. The push buttons for single and double doses are joined by a third “custom” button, that in addition to dispensing ground coffee in a continuous flow, can be set by barista according to their specific needs.

Large display on the KRYO 65 OD allows the operating status of the dosing grinder to be monitored in real time. The horizontal scroll bar allows the barista’s to constantly monitor the progress in dispensing of the chosen dose. The running total in grammes of the doses of coffee effectively ground is a significant advantage for the user, who has an extremely useful parameter to help clearly assess the consumption levels of a specific blend and plan correct burr maintenance.

The practical hands-free fork and the inclination of the dispensing shute have been specially designed to ensure perfect centring and uniform distribution of the desired dose in any type of filter holder for maximum versatility of use. The geometry of the outlet spout facilitates the achievement of a particle size suitable for the preparation of beverages of undisputed quality in the cup.

Grinding chamber cooling system (Rancilio Lab patent)

Die-cast aluminum fins enclose the grinding chamber, extracting and dissipating the heat generated by the friction caused by the mechanical action of the burrs. This considerably reduces the operating temperatures, leaving the aromatic properties of the ground coffee intact.

KRYO 65 OD is provided with special protection for the particle size adjustment button, to reduce the risk of it being accidentally turned on and to ensure greater safety of use. The micrometric grind adjustment knob ensures constant precision in setting the desired particle size.

Data Sheet


Dimensions (W×D×H) 8.7×15.1×22.6 in (220×385×575 mm) Motor speed 1350 rpm Voltage 110V – 230V Coffee bean container 2.9 lb (1.3 kg) Grinding burrs diameter 2.5 in (64 mm) Power 450 W Weight 28.7 lb (13 kg) Production 0.12 oz/s (3.5 g/s) Frequency 50/60 Hz

Additional information

Weight 29 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 16 × 23 in


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