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Opening and running a coffee shop is not as easy as it looks. We have 25 years of experience in the coffee industry including running a retail shop within walking distance of the largest coffee company in the world.

We not only survive, we thrive.  Cool Beans has trained staff and consulted with business owners just opening their doors to those who have been open for years.

There are thousands of tasks involved in opening a coffee shop. We have saved owners countless hours and thousands of dollars with our layout and design services, menu setup, recipes, and marketing ideas.

From signing the lease, to opening the doors, to small or large adjustments years after opening, we can help make the business run smoother and more profitable.

Espresso is easy to prepare incorrectly. However, it is the basis of most of your drinks in a coffee shop. We show you how to pull the perfect shots.

Cupping coffee can help people understand the nuances between types of coffees and enables your pallet to recognize defects in coffees. We offer coffee cuppings for beginners and seasoned owners alike.

Latte art increases sales, tips, customer loyalty and so much more.

Our trainers can teach you how to pour latte art at our facility!

  • Hourly Consulting
    • Hourly consulting
    • Completely customizable
    • Menu generation
    • Back office operations
    • Cost saving techniques
    • Travel fee may apply
  • Coffee Cupping Basics
    • Two hour class
    • Basics of cupping
    • Aroma
    • Cupping process
    • Coffee scoring
    • Tasting nuances
  • Latte Art Training
    • Two hours
    • Hands on
    • Milk foaming technique
    • Espresso extraction
    • Individual class
    • Our location
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